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I. Facility

CCPN Global owns five domains: www.ccpn-global.com, www.ccpn-global.org, www.globalchinapress.co.uk, http://globalchinaunit.org/, and www.global-china.org. We also have our own server. Our hosting offers an unlimited amount of disk space, fast, reliable and frequently backups, and exceptional customer support on 24/7/365, while keeping our website green with a tiny carbon footprint.

Each of the domains can hold many subdomains, e.g. www.journal.ccpn-global.org ; www.blogs.globalchinaunit.org.

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II. Responsibilities of Users

CCPN Global e-mail accounts are not intended for sending mass marketing or spam, such e-mail from our system is not allowed. Any usage which leads to complaints from e-mailed parties, or which the CCPN Global administrators deem abusive, will be stopped immediately. Such usage, at the discretion of the administrators, may result in termination of the account. Please use CCPN Global facilities responsibly, use a high strength password, and keep authentication details safe. If you believe your account details may have been compromised by a virus etc please let us know immediately.

III. Webmail

Each of the domains also has 100 email accounts respectively associated with CCPN Global domain, e.g. xx@ccpn-global.com ; xxxx@ccpn-global.org; xxxx@china4global.com. They are ready to use. The benefits are as follows:

  • you can access your email from any computer including mobile devices anywhere in the world
  • it is simple and easy to use like gmail or hotmail
  • there is no worry about exceeding your mailbox quota which is unlimited, not 250 MB, 1 GB or 10 GB
  • no set up is required like Outlook to access your work email account abroad
  • there is no need to worry about your gmail account not working properly in China

If you are interested in helping CCPN Global and would like to open an account, please write to: info@ccpn-global.org.

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I. 网站设施

     全球中国比较研究会(CCPN Global)拥有五个有效期长达十年的域名,它们分别是:www.ccpn-global.comwww.ccpn-global.org, www.globalchinapress.co.uk, www.china4global.com, 以及 www.global-china.co.uk,我们还有用自己独立的服务器。网络托管技术保证了用户享有无限制的磁盘空间,快捷、及时,可靠的资料备份;并为用户提供出色的全天候客户支持服务。同时,它十分有限的碳足迹令本网站得以为节能环保做出贡献。

     每一个域名下均可设置多个子域名。我们在每个域名下均设置博客,目前其中两个博客网站已投入使用:www.journal.ccpn-global.org;www.blogs.china4global.com, 意即 www.sino-uk.global-china.co.uk,我们还将不断地对本功能进行开发。

II. 用户之责任

     本会之电子邮箱帐户不可用于发送广告或垃圾邮件。任何可能招致相关群体的投诉和不满,或被本会管理员视为不妥当的邮箱使用方式,都会被立刻停止,并可能 最终会导致相关电邮帐户的停止使用(本会管理员会根据具体情形定夺)。全球中国比较研究会恳请各位用户妥善、负责地使用本会提供的各项便利设施,提高密码 安全等级,做好帐户密保工作。如果帐户因病毒攻击等原因不能正常使用,请您立刻与我们联系。

III. 网络邮箱服务

     每一个域名都分别设有100个电子邮件账户,这些账户的电邮地址又分别以中国比较研究会(CCPN Global)的网站域名为结尾,例如 xx@ccpn-global.com;xxxx@ccpn-global.org; xxxx@china4global.com。这些电子邮件账户可即刻使用,并具有如下几点优势:

  • 您可以随时随地从任何电脑及移动设备终端登入您的邮箱。
  • 它如同gmail和hotmail一般便捷好用。
  • 您将享有无限制(不是250MB,不是1GB,也不是10GB)的邮箱容量,这意味着您无需为可能超出容量限制而担心。
  • 您即使在国外登陆工作邮箱,也无需像在使用Outlook时一样重新进行设置。
  • 您更无需为gmail在中国不能正常工作而感到困扰。

     如果您有志于全球中国比较研究会(CCPN Global)的工作及发展并希望创建一个相应的电子邮件账户,请致函 info@ccpn-global.org



韩阳 译

The websites and blogs are in use while they are being built 本网站和博客均在'边建设边使用' 中

The above title is adapted from the China's development style in order for you to share our resources in a timely fashion. There is still a huge amount of work to be done. Your understanding, participation and generous support are highly appreciated!

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