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Methodology and General 

  1. The 4th "Civilization Dialogue–Chang’an Forum" held in Xi'an [not in CNKI]
  2. The Comparative and Scientific Spirit of Chinese and Western Civilizations – Mr. Joseph Needham and the Joseph Needham Institute
  3. Civilization Comparison or Cultural Bias?
  4. The Research Centre of the Ancient Civilization of the River Established – Dialogue among the Ancient Civilizations of the World
  5. The 3rd "Civilization Dialogue–Chang’an Forum" held in Xi'an
  6. The Characteristics of Chinese Civilization and the Process of Formation – A Comparative Study of Eastern and Western Civilization
  7. Civilization Dialogue and Cultural Comparison
  8. The 2nd "Civilization Dialogue–Chang’an Forum" held in Xi'an
  9. What is China? – Cultural Subjectivity in the Perspective of Axis Civilization
  10. The Characteristics of Chinese Civilization from a Comparative Perspective
  11. Cultural Diversity – A Comparative Analysis of Chinese and US Development Models
  12. An Analysis of Wu Tingfang's Views on Chinese and Western Civilizations
  13. Comparative Civilization – A Theoretical Reflection on the Construction of the Comparative Direction of Civilization in China's New Think-tank 
  14. Cross-Civilization Comparison of Literary Research
  15. The Multi-element Difference, Co-existence and Integration of World Civilization – Comparative Civilization (book review)
  16. The 1st "Civilization Dialogue–Chang’an Forum" held in Xi'an [not in CNKI]
  17. 2015 International Conference on Comparative Studies of Civilizations held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  18. Cultivating Students' Ability in Cross-cultural Comparison – A Case Study in Teaching a Course on Comparing Chinese and Western Civilization
  19. Sun Yat-sen and the Development of Civilization in China
  20. Two Different Perspectives in the Comparison between Eastern and Western Civilizations
  21. Publication of the Chinese Edition of Understanding Early Civilizations: A Comparative Study, by Bruce G. Trigger 
  22. The New Construction of a Chinese Theoretical System in Comparative Studies on Civilization and Cultures – New Work on Comparative Studies on Culture, by Professor Fang Hanwen (book review)
  23. Looking at Civilization – Sociological Analysis of a Comparative Civilization Study in ‘Wisdom Building’ in Everyday Life
  24. Civilization Dialogue and Cultural Comparison
  25. Civilization Heterogeneity and the Genetic Variability of Comparative Literature
  26. ‘Civilization’ and ‘Culture’
  27. The Development of a Theoretical System of Comparative Civilization Discipline in China
  28. Civilization Dialogue and Common Values Education – The Perspective of Political Science
  29. Intra-culture, Cross-culture and Trans-(individual)cultural Perspectives in Chinese and Western Comparative Studies
  30. A Comparative Mythological Perspective of the Origins of Chinese Civilization  
  31. The Ideas of Cross-civilization Difference and Construction of Comparative Literary variation’
  32. A Comparison of Civilizations, by Stephan Feuchtwang and Liu Yuan
  33. A Comparative Study of the East and the West ‘Axis Civilization’  (I)
  34. A Comparative Study of the East and the West ‘Axis Civilization’  (II)
  35. The Difference between Civilization and Culture
  36. Cross-civilization Study – A New Stage in the Theory of the Discipline of Comparative Literature
  37. A Study of the Paradigm of Civilizational Conflict from a Comparative Perspective – The Conflict of Civilizations and Conflict within One Civilization
  38. A Look at the World from Civilizational and Cultural Perspectives  
  39. Conflict of Civilization and Culture – Reflections on the Trend of Chinese Culture in the 21st Century
  40. A Study of Comparative Aesthetics of Cross-civilization
  41. Cross-civilization ‘Heterogeneity’ Study – An Important Domain of Comparative Literature Studies in the 21st Century
  42. The Contemporary Forms of Comparative Study on Civilization and Its Research Practice
  43. On Civilization and Culture
  44. Comparative Study on Civilization, Regional Studies and Globalization – The New Wave of the 20th International Historical Science Conference
  45. Shaanxi History Museum Holds Ancient Rome and Han Chang'an Exhibition – A Comparative Exhibition of Eastern and Western Civilizations
  46. The Collision and Integration of Civilization – An Appreciation of the Ancient Roman Civilization Exhibition
  47. From Wellek, Etiemble and Bernheimer to the Chinese School of the Study of Cross-civilization Research – On the Cross-civilization Research Track of Comparative Literature
  48. A Study on the ‘Conflict of Civilizations’ and Cross-civilization Comparative Literature
  49. Academic Method or Value Position – Questioning the Study of ‘Cross-Civilization’
  50. Reinterpreting the ‘Needham Proposition’ – From the Science of Civilization towards Culture and its Two Difficult Problems
  51. The Comparability Problem of Comparative Literature Research across Civilizations
  52. Cross-civilization Study – The Theory and Practice of Chinese Comparative Literature in the 21st Century
  53. Comparison between Chinese and Western Civilizations (excerpts)
  54. From the Chinese and Western Traditional Civilization, a Comparative Perspective on the Concepts of ‘Shang Shan’ (uphold kindness) and ‘Shang Wu’ (uphold the military)
  55. A Study on the Dialogue of Heterogeneous Civilization and the Cross-civilization Dialogue on Comparative Literature
  56. Research on ‘Civilization Conflict’ and Cross-civilization Comparative Literature  
  57. Study on Cross-civilization Comparative Literature – The Transition and Construction of the Comparative Literature Discipline
  58. On Culture, Civilization and Comparative Study
  59. Chinese and Western Ancient Civilizations – A Comparison
  60. Civilization and Culture
  61. Absence of Dimension – Misconceptions in the Comparative Study of Civilizations
  62. Methodological Problems in the Comparative Study of Chinese and Foreign Civilizations
  63. What is World Civilization? Hear the Answers of Chinese Scholars – A Recommendation for 12 Volumes of World Civilization
  64. Examinations of Chinese and Western Comparative Modes
  65. Exploring a New Vision of the Origin of Civilization – Reading Wang Zhenzhong's Comparative Study of the Origin of Chinese Civilization
  66. An Important Work of Comparative Study – A Study on Comparing Civilizations (book review)
  67. A Model of In-depth Research on the Origin of Chinese Civilization – Reading Comparative Studies of the Origin of Chinese Civilization
  68. A Masterpiece Tracing the Origin of Civilization – A Review of Comparative Studies of the Origin of Chinese Civilization
  69. A Real Picture of the Origin of a Civilization – Preface to Comparative Studies of the Origin of Chinese Civilization
  70. The tasks of current comparative studies on Chinese civilization

History of Civilization

  1. Comparing the History of Civilization with the ‘General Studies’ of Chinese Academics 
  2. Similar or Alien? A Comparative Study of the Modern History of Chinese and Western Civilizations Abroad
  3. The History and Present Situation of Comparative Studies between Chinese and American Ancient Civilizations
  4. The Innovation of Chinese Theoretical Models in the History of Civilization – Reading Fang Hanwen's Comparative Civilization History from the Neolithic Age to the 5th Century AD
  5. A Historical Perspective of the New Significance of Chinese Civilization in the 21st Century – A Summary of the International Symposium on "Chinese History and Comparative Historical Thought in the 21st Century"
  6. A Study on the Significance of the Transformation of Contemporary China, from the Comparative Perspective of the Paths between Chinese and Western Civilizations – Examining Hundreds of Years of History based on Thousands Years of History
  7. An Important Achievement in the Comparative Study of Chinese and Western History——Comment on the Comparative Study of the History of Ancient Chinese and Western Civilizations
  8. A Comparative Study of Ancient Chinese and Western Civilizations
  9. A Case on Comparative History of the Origin of Chinese and Ancient Egyptian Characters

Ways of Thinking, Ideology and Religion 

  1. A Comparative Study of Zhou Yi Rational Civilization and Ancient Greek Rational Civilization
  2. The Important Role of Sacrifices in the Early Civilization of Mankind – A Comparative Study of Ancient Chinese Witchcraft and Ancient Roman Priestly Practice
  3. Cultivating Critical Thinking Skills in Cross-cultural Comparisons – A Case Study on the Experiment in Teaching the Course Western Civilization with Chinese Comparisons 
  4. Comparative Studies on the Origins of Ancient Greek and Ancient Chinese – From the Perspective of ‘Geo-civilization’
  5. The Rational Thinking of China Always ‘Missed’ the Great Prizes in the World – From the Perspective of the Difference between Chinese and Western Civilizations
  6. ‘Heaven’ and ‘God’ – Comparing the Roots of Religion in Chinese and Ancient Greek Civilization
  7. Ku Hung-ming – On Confucianism from a Comparative Perspective between Chinese and Western Civilizations
  8. Cultural Comparison of Life and Death and Ethical Reflections on Life between China and the West – Future Trends in the Development of Science and Technology in Civilization
  9. A Comparative Study on Mythological Values between Pre-Qin and Ancient Greece

Democracy, Politics

  1. Differences in the Geographical Environment and the Types of Political System in Classical Civilization – A Comparison between Pre-Qin China and Ancient Greece
  2. A Comparative Study of Compromise and Tolerance from the Perspective of Political Civilization
  3. Two Dimensions of China's Democratization Model – A Comparative Study between China and Foreign Countries, Based on the Theoretical Framework of Political Civilization
  4. Civilization and the State – A discussion on ‘Positioning Standards’ in Comparative Studies between China and the USA
  5. The Development of Political Civilization from a Comparative Perspective between Chinese and Western Political Systems
  6. Comparative Analysis of Political Civilization between Contemporary China and the USA
  7. A Comparative Study of the Ancient Chinese and Western Civilizations of Political Consciousness – Pre-Qin Confucianism and Aristotle of Ancient Greece
  8. Looking at China's Rise and Strategic Thinking in a Comparison between Chinese and Western Civilizations
  9. Public Opinion Supervision and Political Civilization – A Comparative Study between China and the USA
  10. Comparison of Chinese and Western Models of the Power Architecture of Contemporary Diversity in Political Civilization – Setting up Supports for the Regime’s Platform
  11. For the People and Democracy -- A Comparative Study of the Sources of Political Ideas between Chinese and Western Civilizations

The Legal System and the Rule of Law

  1. A Preliminary Study on the Right of Vagrancy – A Comparative Study of Several Kinds of Civilizations
  2. A Comparative Study of the Historical Evolution of the Rule of Law between Chinese and Western Civilizations
  3. The Rule of Law in China also Needs to Rebuild the ‘Rule of Li’ Civilization – From a Comparative Perspective between Chinese and Western Civilizations
  4. Comparison between Chinese and Western Rule of Law under Globalization
  5. The Rule of Law as the Basic Strategy of the Development of China's Political Civilization – A Comparative Study Based on the East–West Political Civilization
  6. The Realm of Socialist Political Civilization – From the Perspective of a Comparison between Western and Chinese Traditional Political Civilization
  7. The Social Basis of Contract Civilization – From the Perspective of Comparison between Roman Law and Ancient Chinese Law

Country, Region 

  1. Two Civilizations – Comparison between Chinese and Japanese Versions of the Documentary ‘New Silk Road’
  2. A Comparative Study of Some Problems of the Indus River Civilization and the Ancient Shu Civilization
  3. A Comparative Study of Civilization between the Xibocheng (西亳城) of the Shang Capital and the City of Metin
  4. Comparison between Ancient Chinese and Western Marine Civilization
  5. Comparison of the Modes of Response to the Impact of Western Civilization between China and India 
  6. A Comparative Analysis of the Characteristics of Ancient Greek and Chinese Civilizations
  7. The Origin and Influence of Civilization – A Comparison between Ancient China and India
  8. Zheng He's Voyage and a Comparison between Chinese and Western Ocean Civilization Models in the 15th–16th Centuries
  9. China and Greece in the Pre-Axis Era – A Comparative Study of Early Chinese and Western Civilizations
  10. A Comparative Study of the Origin of Classical Civilizations between China and Greece
  11. The ‘Early Birth and Late Mature’ Civilization and the ‘Late Birth and Early Mature’ Civilization – Comparison and Reflection on the Characteristics of Civilization between China and the UK
  12. A Comparative Study of the Origin of Civilization between China and Greece

Science, Technology, Production, Geography, City, Architecture

  1. National Symposium on "City Philosophy and Civilization from a Comparative Perspective"
  2. A Comparative Study on Fire between Eastern and Western Civilizations
  3. Comparison between Chinese and Western Urban Civilization
  4. A Comparative Study of Architectural Civilization between the East and the West
  5. A Comparative Study on the Geographical Environment of the Origins of Civilization between China in the Pre-Qin Period and Ancient Greece
  6. A Comparative Study and Exposition of the Rise and Fall of the Development of Science and Technology between Ancient China and the Ancient Arab Empire – The Strategic Matter of the Sustainable Development of Science and Technology Innovation in China
  7. Comparison and Analysis of the Irrigation System between Ancient Shu and Mesopotamia, with Regard to Sustainable Development
  8. A Comparative Study on Cities in Civilization between China and the West
  9. The Relationship between Ancient Civilization and the Geographical Environment – Comparing Ancient China, Egypt and the Two Rivers
  10. A Comparative Study of the Main Factors of the Transformation of Civilizations from the Early 18th to the 19th Centuries – Labour Productivity and Population Growth

Ecological Civilization

  1. International Academic Cooperation Promotes Comparative Study of Water Civilization
  2. Study on the Construction of Ecological Civilization from the Perspective of an International Comparison
  3. Comparison between Chinese Ecological Civilization Strategy and Western Ecologicalism and Ecological Marxism
  4. A Comparative Study on the Construction of Ecological Civilization at Home and Abroad
  5. Measurement and Comparison of the Development of China’s Ecological Civilization
  6. A Comparative Study of Thought in Two Ecological Civilizations – A Case Study on the Thoughts on Ecological Civilization of Philip Clayton and John B. Foster
  7. Re-examination of China's Water Rights under the Overall Plan of Ecocivilization Reform – Based on a Comparison of Water Governance between China, Germany and the EU
  8. A Comparative Study of Ecological Socialism and Socialist Ecological Civilization
  9. International Comparison Study on the Development of Ecological Civilization, 2008–2012
  10. Comparison between the American Dream and the Chinese Dream from the Perspective of Ecological Civilization
  11. Ecological Civilization Construction – International Comparison and Exposition
  12. International Comparison of the Development of Ecological Civilization with China, Based on the ‘PSR Model’
  13. The Marxist Foundation of Ecological Civilization – Based on a Comparative Study of Europe, North America and China
  14. Comparison of the Chinese and Western Consumption Culture, from an Ecological Civilization Perspective
  15. Ethical Comparison of the Development and Positive Solutions of Ecological Civilization between China and Foreign Countries
  16. A Comparative Study on Thoughts on Ecological Civilization between Han and Uighur Proverbs
  17. On the Development of Contemporary Ecological Civilization and the Ideological Basis of Chinese Traditional Culture – A Comparison between the East and the West
  18. A Comparative Study of Views on Contemporary Chinese Ecological Civilization and Ecological Marxism
  19. A Comparative Study on the Promotion of Ecological Civilization in China and Japan -- A Case Study of Circular Economic Development

Literature and Culture 

  1. The Culture of China, the Only Country in the History of the World to Have Existed without Interruption – Based on a Comparison of the Four Ancient Civilizations
  2. A Comparison of the Differences Between Chinese and Western Cultures in Modern China
  3. Dialogue between ‘Civilization’ and ‘Savage’ – Comparing the Dialogue Mode of The Great Wall of China and Women Warriors
  4. ‘Non-human Feelings’ from a Comparative Perspective between Eastern and Western Civilizations – A Case Study of The Three-Cornered World
  5. Comparison of the Development of Chinese and Italian Ceramics in the Middle Civilization Period
  6. The Function and Influence of Yu Shun in the History of Civilization in the World – A Comparative Study between Ancient Eastern and Western Civilizations
  7. Disasters and Civilization – Comparative Studies on the Spread of the Flood Myth between China and the West
  8. ‘Spiritual Thinking’ and ‘Imagination’ from the Perspective of Cross-civilization – A Comparative Study of Chinese and Western Systems of Poetic Thought
  9.  ‘Lost Music’ and ‘Gained Music’ (?复乐) after Civilization and Discontent – A Comparative Analysis of Fengya Song and Lolita
  10. A Comparative Study on Fine Arts in the Early Stage of Chinese and Western Civilizations
  11. A Comparative Study on the Female Images in the Heterogeneous Civilization – A Case Study of Zhang Ailing's ‘Love in the City’ and Milan Kundera's ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being’
  12. A Comparison of the Spread and Text of Terrien de Lacouperie’s Western Origin of the Early Chinese Civilization from 2,300 BC to 200 AD in East Asian countries
  13. A Case Study of the Crisis of Cross-civilization – A Comparative Study of Tea Flower and Du Shiniang
  14. American Chinese Merchant Literature – A Comparative Study of Cross-civilizations
  15. Cross-civilization Comparison between Don QuixoteThe True Story of Ah Q and Madman Diaries  
  16. Viewing Chinese and Western Literature from the Perspective of a Comparison between Civilizations – Reading Qian Mu's On Chinese Literature
  17. The Possibility of Comparative Literature Research across Civilizations
  18. The Revival of Chinese Original Culture and the Intercultural Interpretation of the Development of Comparative Literature
  19. Cultural Renaissance and Comparative Literature – A Reinterpretation of Chinese Literature and the Reconstruction of Modern Culture
  20. Crisis of Civilization and Dissolution of Western Centres – What Can Comparative Literature Do? A Summary of the 7th Annual Meeting of the Chinese Association of Comparative Literature
  21. A Summary of the Stone Inscriptions in the Centres of Ancient Civilizations in the World – A Comparison with Ancient Chinese Inscriptions


  1. Comparison of Classics – The Chinese Experience via Civilization Dialogue
  2. A Comparative Analysis of Plato and Confucius – An Analysis of the Interaction between the Origin of Human Civilization and the Culture of the East and the West
  3. A Comparative Study of Views on Civilization between Sun Yat-sen and Daisaku Ikeda
  4. The Same Way, Different Paths – Wu Tingfang and Ku Hongming’s Comparative Studies on Chinese and Western Civilizations


  1. Analysis of Tourists’ Uncivilized Behaviour – A Comparative Perspective from Chinese and Western Cultures
  2. Chinese Publishing from a Cultural Comparative Perspective
  3. A Comparative Study of Public Civilization between Beijing and Taipei
  4. On the Image of Chinese Civilization – From a Comparative Perspective
  5. The Value of ‘Square Freedom’ in the Perspective of Science – And a Comparison between Ancient Greek and Chinese Civilizations
  6. The Integration of the East–West Sports Culture and its Value to Human Civilization

Source: NCKI, translated by New Tranx and Google with minimum proofreading. Please find related numbers in the Chinese section and follow the links for details. There are some English translated articles and abstracts with links to the NCKI website.    



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  4. 中国文明形象刍议——从比较文明的角度 李均洋《教育艺术》2013(1)
  5. 科学视域下广场自由的价值——也谈古希腊与中华文明比较  卞文《成才之路》2009(33)
  6. 东西方体育文化的融和对人类文明的价值 史冬博《山西高等学校社会科学学报》1998-12-15


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