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Professor Martin Albrow, FAcSS (the Academy of Social Sciences); Honorary Vice-President, British Sociological Association (BSA); Emeritus Professor of the University of Wales; Senior Fellow of the Käte Hamburger Centre for Advanced Studies, Law as Culture, University of Bonn. Formerly Principal Research Associate, China in Comparative Perspective Network (CCPN) and Senior Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Global Governance, LSE. Professor Albrow was founding editor of the journal of the International Sociology. His The Global Age: State and Society Beyond Modernity (1996) won the Amalfi Prize for pioneering work on social and cultural globalization. Other books include Bureaucracy (1970), Max Weber's Construction of Social Theory (1990), Do Organizations Have Feelings? (1997), Sociology: The Basics (1999), Global Age Essays on Social and Cultural Change (2014).


Current research interests: Social and cultural aspects of globalization; global civil society and global governance; regionalism in global governance; narratives of nationality and globality; cosmopolitanism and communitarianism; the society concept in sociological theory; sociological concepts in comparative perspective; integrity, responsibility and collectivities.



2014 Global Age Essays on Social and Cultural Change,Klostermann Vittorio Gmbh.
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1970   Bureaucracy. London: Pall Mall; New York: Praeger; London:Macmillan (pb).157 pp.

Edited Volumes

2014 editor and translator (with Elisabeth King-Utz) of Niklas Luhmann, A Sociological Theory of Law. London: Routledge
2011  with Hakan Seckinelgin Hakan Seckinelgin, Global Civil Society 2011: Globality and the Absence of  Justice. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.  Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.  
2008  with Mary Kaldor, Helmut Anheier, Marlies Glasius, and Monroe E. Price, eds. Global Civil Society 2007/8: Communicative Power and Democracy. London: Sage.
2007  with Mary Kaldor, Helmut Anheier and Marlies Glasius,. Global Civil Society 2006/7. London: Sage.
1990  with Elizabeth King, Globalization, Knowledge and Society: Readings from International Sociology,  London, Newbury Park and New Delhi: Sage in association with the International Sociological Association, pp 280.
1972  with Paul Halmos, Sociology of Science, The Sociological Review Monograph18. Keele University, pp. 226. 1972  with Paul Halmos, Hungarian Sociological Studies, The Sociological Review
           Monograph 17. Keele  University, pp 332.  

Journal Articles

2011  with Michael Banton and Charles Taylor, 'Review Symposium: Joachim Radkau Max Weber: A   Biography, tr. Patrick Camiller., Cambridge, Polity,' Sociology, 45: 168-72.
2009  (a)'La mondialisation déconstruite par la sociologie ', À propos de : S. Sassen, La Globalisation. Une sociologie, Gallimard,  in La Vie des Idées, on line journal,
  , 04.06.2009. 
           (b) 'The Crisis is More Than Economics: Creating a Global Culture of Responsibility' with Colin I. Bradford Jr., Brookings Institution,
  also in English and French 'Le G20 et l'invention d'une responsabilité publique mondiale' in La Vie des Idées, on line journal, , 01.04.2009.
2007   'A New Decade of the Global Age, 1996-2006', Globality Studies Journal, on-line publication. No. 8, July 17, 2007.
2005  (a) 'Reconstituting the Public-Private Divide under Global Conditions: the Case of Dutch and  British Water Management', with Willemijn Dicke, Global Social Policy, 5(2): 227-248. 
           (b) 'The Sector Swappers', Third Sector, 26th October, p.35
2003  'Dramatis Personae for Pangaea Two', Erwägen Wissen Ethik, Jhrg. 14, pp. 88-90.
2001  'Max Weber and Globalization' (in Bulgarian) Socjologicheski Problemij (Sociological Problems:  Journal of the Institute of Sociology of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) 33:167-76. 
1998  `Europa im globalen Zeitalter', Berliner Journal für Soziologie, 8:411-420.   ISSN  0863-1808.
1996    `German Sociology under the Spell of Modernity', Soziologische Revue 19: 437-442.
1994    (with John Eade, Neil Washbourne and Jorg Durrschmidt) `The Impact of Globalization on  Sociological Concepts: Community, Culture and Milieu', Innovation: the European Journal  of Social Sciences 7:371-389. ISSN 1012-8050. (See also Book Chapters in John Eade (ed) 1997).
1993    `Local Ills and Global Remedies: Presentiments for European Sociology in the British  Experience', (Plenary Address to the First European Conference of  Sociology) Innovation  in Social Science Research,6:135-145, ISSN 1012-8050 
1992   `Sine Ira et Studio - or Do Organizations Have Feelings', Organization Studies,13: 313- 329 ISSN, 0170-8406.
1991   `Internationalism as a Publication Project: Experience in Editing an International Sociological Journal', Current Sociology, 39, 101-18.
1991  `Societies as Constructed Facts: the Weberian Approach to Social Reality' translated as
1990   `Values, Strategic Planning and the Welfare State: the Collapse of Social Policy', The  Annals of the International Institute of Sociology, Rome. New Series 1: 87- 98.
1987  `Sociology for One World', Editorial, International Sociology 2 : 1-12.
1986  `The Undergraduate Curriculum in Sociology - "a Core for Humane Education"', BSA   Presidential Address, Sociology 20 : 335-46.
1986   `O zastosowaniu Weberowskiego pojecia racjonalizacji do warunkow wspolizasmych'.  Kultura i Spoleczenstwo, Journal of the Sociological Section of the Polish Academy of  Sciences, 30 : 65-84. (For translated revised version, see below in Book Chapters: 1987 'The  Application...'.)
1985  `Systemi na dielvost i pripodni systemi: dva doplivashchi se podhoda pri isledvanije na obshchestvo' (Action systems and natural systems: two complementary approaches in the study of society),
            Socjologicheski Problemij (Sociological Problems: Journal of the Institute of Sociology of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) 17 : 11-22.
1981 `... law, ideology, law, ideology, law, ideology ... sociology?', British Journal of Sociology 32  : 127-36.
1976   Part Two of Max Weber, `R. Stammler's "Surmounting" of the Materialist Conception of  History", British Journal of Law and Society 3 : 17-43. 
1975  `Legal Positivism and Bourgeois Materialism: Max Weber's View of the Sociology of Law',  British Journal of Law and Society 2 : 14-31. Reprinted in 1991  (see Book Chapters).
1975  Introduction to and translation of Max Weber, `R. Stammler's "Surmounting" of the Materialist Conception of History", Part One, British Journal of Law and Society 2 : 129-52.
1974  Reprinted in Supplementary Material to People and Organizations, Milton Keynes: Open  University Press. Pp 9-15.
1974  `Dialectical and Categorical Paradigms of a Science of Society', The Sociological Review 22: 183-201.
1972  `Weber on Legitimate Norms and Authority: A Comment on Martin E. Spencer's Account',  British Journal of Sociology XXIII : 483-7.
1971  `Public Administration and Sociological Theory' (The Lister Lecture), The advancement of  Science 27 : 347-56.
1969  `On the Civilizing Process' (Review Article), Jewish Journal of Sociology XI : 227-36.
1967  `Ritual and Reason in the Selection of Students', Universities Quarterly 21 : 141-51.
1966   `The Influence of Accommodation upon 64 Reading University Students: an ex post facto experimental study', British Journal of Sociology XVII : 403-18.
1964   `The Sociology of Organizations' (Review Article),  British Journal of Sociology XV : 350-7.  

Book Chapters

Forthcoming. '"Big Society" as a Rhetorical Intervention' in The Big Society Debate:  A New Agenda for Social Welfare?   edited by Armine Ishkanian, Simon Szreter, and Hakan Seckinelgin. London: Edward Elgar.   
2011  (a) Introduction: Globality and the Absence of Justice', with Hakan Seckinelgin in Martin Albrow and  Hakan Seckinelgin, eds, Global Civil Society 2011: Globality and the Absence of Justice.
Basingstoke:  Palgrave Macmillan. Pp 1-7. 
            (b) 'Un choc, quel choc? À propos : N. Ferguson, C. Maier, E. Manela and D. Sargent, eds., The Shock of the Global : The 1970s in Perspective, Harvard University Press, 2010  in La Vie des Idées, on line journal, 02.07.2011. Also published as 'Shock, What Shock' in .
            (c) 'Conclusion: Can Global Civil Society Answer the Hobbesian Problem? in Marlies Glasius and Denisa Kostovicova, editors, Bottom-up Politics: An agency Centred Approach to Globalization. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Pp 241-255.  
2010    'Summits as Narratives Between Leaders and their Publics', Chapter 28 in Toward the   Consolidation of the G20: From Crisis Committee to Global Steering Committee, Papers from the G20  Seoul Summit, Korea Development  Institute and The Brookings Institution, Seoul
2008    (a) 'Democratizing Global Governance: Achieving Goals while Aspiring to Free and Equal Communication', with Fiona Holland, Chapter 13 in James W. St. G. Walker and Andrew S. Thompson, eds., Critical Mass: The Emergence of Global Civil Society.  Waterloo, Ont: Wilfrid  Laurier University Press and Centre for International Governance Innovation.Pp. 251-279. 
             (b) 'Introduction: Democracy and the Possibility of a Global Public Sphere' , with Marlies Glasius, in Martin Albrow, Helmut Anheier, Marlies Glasius, Monroe E. Price and Mary Kaldor, eds., Global Civil Society
2007/8: Communicative Power and Democracy.
London: Sage. Pp 1-18 
2007    (a) Das Globale Zeitalter. Frankfurt am Main. Suhrkamp, pp 384. ISBN 978-3-518-45868-6. New expanded edition of 1996 (1998) Abschied vom Nationalstaat. 
  (b) Introduction: Violence and the Possibility of Global Civility' with Helmut Anheier, in Mary Kaldor, Martin Albrow, Helmut Anheier and Marlies Glasius, eds. Global Civil Society2006/7. London: Sage. Pp.1-17. 
             (c) 'Regionalism in global governance', with Colin I. Bradford, Ch. 11 in Andrew  F. Cooper, Christopher W. Hughes, Philippe de Lombaerde, eds., Regionalisation and Global Governance: The Taming of Globalisation, London: Routledge. Pp. 230-248. 
             (d) 'Situating Global Social Relations' , Chapter 15 in Ino Rossi ed., Frontiers of Globalization Research, New York: Springer. Pp 317-332. 
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2004     'The Global Shift and its Consequences for Sociology' in Nikolai Genov ed. Advances in Sociological Knowledge Over half a Century. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften (new edition of 2002). 
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1997   John Eade ed. Living the Global City. London: Routledge. Pp.37-55. Also 
1997    translated as 'Auf Reisen jenseits der Heimat. Soziale Landschaften in einer globalen  Stadt' in Ulrich Beck ed. Kinder der Freiheit. Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp. Pp 288-314.  Also
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2001    'Globalization', Ch. 17 in Robert J. Brym ed. New Society: Sociology for the 21st Century, 3rd  ed. revised, Toronto: Harcourt Brace. Pp. 423-448. ISBN 0-7747- 3687-9. Revised as 
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1973    G. Salaman and K. Thompson (eds.),  People and Organizations,  397-413. Longmans for Open University Press.  

Dictionary and Encyclopaedia Entries

Forthcoming. 'Global Age' in George Ritzer, ed., Encyclopedia of Globalization, Oxford: Blackwell.
2012.  'Global Terminology', 'Universalism', 'Values', 'World Order, Visions of' entries in Helmut Anheier and Mark Juergensmeyer, eds., Encyclopaedia of Global Studies, London: Sage.
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Shorter Publications

2010  (a) 'Globalization is not equal to national interest', Op-ed, China Daily, 01.07.10. 
            (b) 'Viewpoint: Fit for Purpose, how civil society can shape higher education' with Amanda Tincknell in Caritas, 33, August. pp 10-11
2008  (a) 'Gordon Brown, Adam Smith and an Opportunity for Sociology,' in Network, Newsletter of the British Sociological Association, No 99, Spring/Summer, pp. 9-10. 
            (b) with Willemijn Dicke and Sabine Selchow, 'Globe Speak: global issues and global narratives', in  he Broker, No 7, April, pp 20-21, also online .
2001  (a) 'Sociology after the Third Way in the UK and the USA', Network, Newsletter of the British  Sociological Association, No. 78, January, pp. 10-12. 
           (b) 'Global Justice and American Dreams' in Inquiries, Center for Free Inquiry, Hanover, Indiana, p.9.
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             (b) 'A New British Monograph Publisher: sociology press', Footnotes, ASA, 28:9, p. 7.
1998    (a) `Faults and Defaults: Sociological Narratives for the Global Age' (ASA Plenary Address),  Network, Newsletter of the British Sociological Association, January, pp. 8-9. 
              (b) Podium: 'There is a thing called society' The Independent, London, 15 September.
1996     `On Being Summoned to History and Sociology', Theory: Newsletter of the  Research  Committee on Social Theory of the International Sociological Association. Spring, pp.  2-5.
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1986  `A Degree Curriculum Committee for the BSA', Network, Newsletter of the BSA, 36 : 4.
1985   `Preface' to Niklas Luhmann's A Sociological Theory of Law vii-xii. (For publication  details see below underEditing.)
1985 `Editing as a Vocation', Network, Newsletter of the BSA, 32 : 5.  


2006-8   Editorial Board, Global Civil Society
2000 -4 Editorial Board, International Sociology, Journal of the International Sociological Association.
2000 -    Editorial Board, Max Weber Studies, Sheffield Academic Press.
1999-     Wissenschaftlicher Beirat, Soziale Welt, NOMOS Verlag. 
1992 -    British Consulting Editor, Swiss Journal of Sociology.
1987-97Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Sociological Abstracts.
1986-91 Founder editor of International Sociology, Journal of the International Sociological  Association, Vols. 1-6 no.3.
1985 Editor and translator (with Elizabeth King-Utz) of A Sociological Theory of Law by Niklas Luhmann.  London: Routledge and Kegan Paul. xiii and 421 pp.
1985 with Virginia Blakey, Population Planning Guides, University College Cardiff Press. 
        1. Sue Long, How to Design an Integrated Health and Family Planning Project. 
        2. Penny Kane, The Impact of Birth Spacing on Child Health.
1981-4   Editor of Sociology, Journal of the British Sociological Association, Vols. 16, 17, 18.
1977 Member of the Editorial Board of  Sociology
1972-3   Member of the Editorial Board of The Sociological Review.


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