1. About the webmail

  • Facility
  • Responsibilities of Users
  • Webmail
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If you are interested in helping CCPN Global and would like to open an account, please write to: info@ccpn-global.org.

2. How to use webmail

3. How to add CCPN Global webmail on desktop or laptop 

  • Add email on an Apple Mac using Apple mail
  • How to add email on Microsoft Outlook
  • How to add email on laptop through third-party applications   

4. How to add CCPN Global webmail on mobile devices

  • Add email on an Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch
  • How to add email on Android phone or tablet




  • 网站设施
  • 用户之责任
  • 网络邮箱服务
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2. 如何使用网络邮件

3. 如何在台式电脑或者手提电脑上设置网络邮箱

  • 如何在Outlook中设置本会邮箱?
  • 如何在苹果电脑Mac上设置本会网络邮箱
  • 如何通过第三方应用在电脑中设置本会邮箱

4. 如何在手机或平板电脑上设置网络邮箱

  • 苹果
  • 安卓



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