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  • A panel discussion on The Legacy of Maoism in China and India, by Stephan Feuchtwang, Alpa Shah and Henrike Donner, 23 Nov Tuesday 6:30pm, Room D502 (Clement House), Asia Resaearch Centre event, LSE
  • The Transformation of Citizen Politics and Civic Attitudes in Three Chinese Societies,  IEAS Auditorium Academia Sinica, 2004-11-19 - 2004-11-20
  • The Future of China from a Comparative Perspective, by  Athar Hussain, 9 Nov Tuesday 6:30pm, Room D502 (Clement House), Asia Resaearch Centre event, LSE
  • India and China: An Essay in Comparative Political Economy, by Meghnad Desai, 14 October Thursday 6:30pm, Room D502 (Clement House), Asia Resaearch Centre event, LSE. This was one of events called "India and China: comparisons and juxtapositions", Co-organised by Athar Hussain (Asia Research Centre), Stephan Feutchwang (Anthropology Department) & Jonathan Parry (Anthropology Department), which had all been cancelled.



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  • 毛泽东思想在中国和印度的影响讨论会, 王斯福, Alpa Shah和Henrike Donner, 11月23日下午6:30, D502室 (Clement House), LSE亚洲研究中心活动
  • 三个华人社会的公民政治和公共态度的转变,  中央研究院IEAS Auditorium , 2004年11月19及20日
  • 从比较角度看中国的未来, Athar Hussain, 11月9日星期二下午6:30, D502室 (Clement House),  LSE亚洲研究中心活动
  • 印度与中国: 一篇比较政治经济的文章, Meghnad Desai, 10月14日星期四下午6:30, D502室 (Clement House),  LSE亚洲研究中心活动. 这是其中一个名为 "印度与中国比较和并列"的活动, 由 Athar Hussain (亚洲研究中心), 王斯福 (人类学系) 及 Jonathan Parry (人类学系)共同组织, 已经取消了。




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