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 Researchers / Editors / Translators / Professionals / Administrators / Consultants

People who share a common interest in comparing China with other countries and regions within its Asian and global contexts in a historical and contemporary matrix; and to compare Chinese people or their thoughts methodologically and theoretically within the broader context of human knowledge. We work for CCPN Global, the non-profit interdisciplinary academic society, on a voluntary basis. Click HERE to see CCPN Global's people.

The CCPN Global Workplace was formerly known as the Researchers Fostering Laboratory (RFL) which was set up by China in Comparative Perspective Network (CCPN) at LSE in 2008. It has been providing real opportunities for researchers and students from all levels who are interested in pursuing China and the Chinese from a comparative perspective related work to build up their experience by exploring and developing different kinds of projects. In addition to basic skills which can be learned within an academic discipline, training in research methodologies, experience doing course projects, and participating in students’ societies’ activities, etc., the CCPN Global’s innovative ‘Workplace’ is designed to help researchers, editors, translators, professionals, administrators, consultants and students to practice and use the above methods and skills in different processes of research, editing or translation, ranging from editing and proofreading for publications, bi-directional translation from Chinese to English or vice versa for English and Chinese websites, publications including a bilingual journal, designing and implementing research projects, archiving dataapplying for grants or fundraising, engaging with the media and the public for dissemination (see events), to accessing facilities, online discussion or debate on social media and blogs, and networking, etc.

CCPN Global's features:

How can you get involved?

We have different tasks each year based on the progressive stages of development of the CCPN Global and projects we are undertaking or developing. You can see the details which are listed in this section.

  • Bi-directional translation from Chinese to English or vice versa for CCPN Global's websites, blogs and related publications
  • Running different forms of social media to promote the CCPN Global, JCCP, Global China Press and China4Global
  • Developing research projects
  • Professionals, e.g. legal advisor, website designer, graphic editor, proofreader, typesetter
  • Administrators
  • Event coordinators
  • Fund raising officers
  • Marketing developer

Click HERE to see a list of previius tasks

How do you work with CCPN Global?

Beyond the above listed tasks if you want to develop your own research interests, publication or translation projects, we will in return provide limited advice on research, and will offer connections to individuals who might give further advice.

We will provide instruction or guidance to all of you by giving clear descriptions of the content of each project, requirements, duties, etc. We will offer advice and possibly even connections to relevant institutes or individuals.

The work arrangements are flexible: you can complete the tasks in your own time while keeping to the given schedule. The allocated work will take you a few hours per week on average over the period of eight months. All the work can be done via email communication. If you have enquires please send an email to .

What can you benefit from this?

There is no monetary payment for this work. But you can benefit in the following 20 ways:

  • being a multi-faceted editor or researcher with all-round abilities which could help you with whatever career you may choose in the future
  • you may be able to access some advice from CCPN Global and connections for further developing your own research interests
  • you can contribute to any publications that CCPN Global is undertaking
  • you can add ‘Associate Researcher, Editor or Translator of CCPN Global’ on your CV
  • we will provide you with a reference
  • you can have you own webpage on the CCPN Global website
  • you can have an unlimited email account with
  • you can have access as writer or editor to our blogs
  • your name will be posted on the webpage or sub-page that you edited, proofread or translated 
  • in addition to the above, you can enjoy all 10 benefits as fee paid members (from £46 to £96 per annual, except hard copies of the journal), click HERE for details

How to apply?

There are two ways that you can work for CCPN Global:

(1) to be a member of CCPN Global

  • This offer is open to all professionals, researchers and students who are interested in pursuing China and the Chinese from a comparative perspective related work
  • It is an open ended call. You are welcome to approach us at any time
  • It normally for one year, but can be renewed

If you are interested, please complete the application form which includes three elements:

  • your basic information  
  • your proposal to carry out the CCPN Global’s work (no more than 1000 words)
  • Identify any work that you are able to contribute to CCPN Global by browsing its 4 websites and 3 blogs according to your expertise and ability;
  • make suggestions for how to improve quality of CCPN Global’s current work based on work has been mentioned on the workplace page 
  • Make a list of work as your manageable tasks at a voluntary ad hoc basis for one year
  • Explain how you are going to carry them out 
  • Reason(s) of applying for the position
  • your CV (CV should be in English. If you have a Chinese name please write it down in Chinese characters. English and Chinese bi-lingual CV is preferred. Please refer to the Careers Service at University of Oxford's useful resources for different types of CVs and samples, also see its PDF document). 

If you don’t receive a reply one month after the deadline, you should assume that your application is unsuccessful. Please be aware that we won’t send you a separate notice.

(2) to work casually, e.g. carrying out a one off task, take an internship during holidays.  

If you have any question please write to:


(updated on 5th Jan 2015)

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The websites and blogs are in use while they are being built 本网站和博客均在'边建设边使用' 中

The above title is adapted from the China's development style in order for you to share our resources in a timely fashion. There is still a huge amount of work to be done. Your understanding, participation and generous support are highly appreciated!

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