Book reading and Q & A by the author of  

The Life of a Banana

Note: CCPN Global participated in a research project 'New migrants from the BRIC countries in the UK, USA, Australia and Japan' from 2009-13. We also concern the second generation Chinese in the UK. PP Wong, the author of The Life of a Banana, is one of them. She founded a Website for Asian Writers. 'It is a global platform for East Asian and South East Asian writers to share their work with the world; it encourages new writers to step out of their comfort zone and follow their dreams, is a place for writers to share their thoughts and perspectives on life, and a showcase work that makes people think - fiction, articles, interviews, poems, scripts and songs', It provide a wonderful source for us to understand them with a comparative perspective.  

CCPN Global, Global China Press and UVIC (UK Visa and International Education Centre) are pleased to announce an excited book reading event. Selected sections will be read by the author, followed by a Q&A session, and it is a chance to buy a copy of the book with the author’s signature.

The Life of a Banana

by PP Wong

ISBN (Print): 9781910053218; ISBN (Ebook): 9781910053225 Published: 1st September 2014, Legend Press. £7.99

Date and time:  18:00-19:30, 10th September 2014, Wednesday  

Venue: 4th Floor, Cannongate House, 64 Cannon Street, London EC4N 6AE

Features of the author and the book:  

  • PP Wong is the first British born Chinese novelist to be published in the UK and is inspired by the author’s own experiences growing up in London.
  • The author is the editor of a global network for East Asian and South East Asian writers.
  • A unique and powerful novel about the life of a British born Chinese girl growing up in London and the prejudice and isolation she faces. A ‘banana’ (white on the inside and yellow on the outside) is what Chinese people call a Westernised Asian.
  • ‘PP Wong has blazed a trail for future British Chinese novelists. The Life of a Banana is bursting with original and exciting flavours.’ Ben Chu, The Independent
  • ‘Impeccably observed, often hilarious, and deeply moving... pitch-perfect.’ David Henry Hwang, Tony Award-winning writer
  • ‘PP Wong’s delightful novel highlights in a hilarious manner the challenges and joys of growing up as a Chinese in Britain, and brought back happy memories of Sue Townsend’s Secret Diary of Adrian Mole.’ Lord Wei


This event is free and open to public, but registration is requested due to limited space. It is on a first come first served basis. Please complete a simple registration form and make sure your email address is correct so you can receive a confirmation from us for whether or not your request is successful.


More info:  

Some pictures:

The Book reading event was chaired by Dr Xiangqun Chang, Director of CCPN Global. She expressed her thanks to the author who shares her work with participants on her short visit to London from Singapore, and also to Mr. Philip Hao, CEO of UVIC (UK Visa and International education Center) for providing the venue and hospitality, as well as all the participants.
PP Wong was reading the book.
Audience enjoyed the reading and discussion.
Audience participated in Q & A session.
PP Wong signed copies for the participants.
Participants socialized with each other.
Some participants with PP Wong.
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PP Wong,
author of The life of Banana

PP Wong gave an introduction about the book

PP Wong was reading the book

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