Journal of China in Comparative Perspective 《中国比较研究》

Vol.1 No.2 June 2014  2014年6月第1卷第2期

Contents 目录

List of Contributors 本期作者                       

Editorial / Xiangqun Chang

编者序 / 常向群                        


Universal Dream, National Dreams and Symbiotic Dream:
Reflections on Transcultural Generativity in China-Europe Encounters (II/II)

Shuo Yu 
普世价值梦、民族国家梦及环球共生梦: 中国—欧洲相逢中的跨文化生成性思考 (下) / 于硕

What Western Social Scientists Can Learn from the Writings of Fei Xiaotong
Gary G. Hamilton      
费孝通著作对西方社会科学家的启示 / 韩格理

Social egoism and individualism: Surprises and questions from a Western anthropologist of China – Reading Professor Fei Xiaotong’s contrast between China and the West
Stephan Feuchtwang
社会自我主义与个体主义——一位西方汉学人类学家阅读费孝通“中西对比”观念的惊讶与问题 / 王斯福

Dialogue and comments 对话与评论

Fei Xiaotong’s Contributions to World Anthropology and Sociology:
A Dialogue between A UAS Scholar and A Chinese Scholar

Gary G. Hamilton and Xiangqun Chang
关于费孝通对国际社会学和世界人类学的学术贡献的对话 / 韩格理、常向群

Comments on the Dialogue on Fei Xiaotong’s Contributions
Bettina Gransow 
对于费孝通的学术贡献对话的评论 / 柯兰君

Book reviews 书评

Ritual and Deference and The Interweaving of Rituals
Reviewed by Yu Hua 
《礼仪与敬意》和《礼仪的交织》 / 书评作者:余华

Chinese for Social Sciences 社科汉语  

[Reading 阅读]

Ripples and straws 水圈和干草
Lik Suen 宣力

A Chinese Map and a Raphael’s fresco 中国地图与拉斐尔的壁画
Lianyi Song 宋连谊

[Translation 翻译]

Translation of Philosophy and Philosophy of Translation: Social Science Translation 哲学的翻译和翻译的哲学: 谈社会科学中的英汉翻译的问题 
Dongning Feng 冯东宁

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