Journal of China in Comparative Perspective 《中国比较研究》

Vol. 1 No. 4 December 2014 2014年12月第1卷第4期

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Xiangqun Chang / 常向群                         


Post-Nationalist Anthropology?  Anthropologies Today In Their Nationalist Traditions, Cosmopolitan Ethos And Collaborative  Possibilities
George E. Marcus
后民族主义人类学?今天的世界人类学:民族主义传统、世界主义伦理与合作的可能性 / 乔治.马尔库斯

A Chinese Episode in the Globalization of Sociology
Martin Albrow
社会学全球化过程中的中国插曲 / 马丁•阿尔布劳

The Road to the Cities: Interpreting some Theoretical Perspectives on Migration and Urbanization by Fei Xiaotong and Ebenezer Howard
Zhiming Wu and Ye Liu
人口流迁与城市化:对费孝通与霍华德研究的理解 /吴志明

A Comparative Study of Family in China and Japan
Hong Park
关于农村社会的家与家产的比较研究--以中日比较为中心 / 朴红

Review essay 评论文章

Civil Society in Asia
Tom Bannister

Globalization, The City and Civil Society in Pacific Asia: The Social Production of Civic Spaces. Edited by Mike Douglass, K.C. Ho and Giok Ling Ooi. London, New York: Routledge, 2008. 312pp. £90 (cloth), £24.95 (paper) (《全球化、亚太地区的城市与公民社会:公民空间的社会产品》)

Civil Society and Political Change in Asia: Expanding and Contracting Democratic Space. Edited by Muthiah Alagappa. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2004. 552pp. £79.95 (cloth), £34.95 (paper). (《亚洲的公民社会与政治变化:民主空间的扩展与收缩》)

Book review 书评

Civil Society: History and Possibilities. Edited by Sudipta Kaviraj and Sunil Khilnani. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001. 330 pp. (《公民社会:历史与可能性》)
Reviewed by Emily Taylor

Chinese for Social Sciences 社科汉语  

[Reading 阅读]

China’s family (Jia) vs Japan’s family (Ie) 中国的家 (Jia) 与日本的家 (Ie)
Lik Suen 宣力

Family inheritance in China and Japan 中日家庭的继承方式之异同
Lianyi Song 宋连谊

[Translation 翻译]

English-Chinese translation in social sciences 社会科学中的英译汉问题
Dongning Feng  冯东宁

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