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for 12 book series in Global China Press

The idea of editing China and the Chinese in Comparative Perspective Book Series is a further development of China in Comparative Perspective. It was initiated in 2012 when CCPN was at LSE by Professor Martin Albrow, Honorary Vice President of the British Sociological Association (BSA); founding Editor of International Sociology. The innovative idea is supported by Professor ZHENG Hangsheng, Honorary President of the Chinese Sociological Association (CSA), formerly vice President of Renmin University, China. The book series further expanded as 'Global China Book Series' They are the leading editors for different book series respectively. Although Professor Zheng Hangsheng has suddenly passed away in Nov 2014, the book series bellow will be carried on to be published in English and Chinese from 2015, by Global China Press

  1. Chinese Concepts - they consists of two parts: native Chinese concepts and exiting concepts from Chinese perspective. For the latter every concept is required to have a review section on related contents based on studies of non-Chinese society in order to form a contrast with the ‘Chinese perspective
  2. Chinese Discourse - Based on Chinese social scientific material and systematic documentation of Chinese usage patterns and methodological innovations, this book series will focus on fields of society, culture, social interaction, communication, etc. from sociolinguistics, comparative and functionalist perspectives, discourse and conversation analysis, corpus linguistics, cognitive linguistics, typological studies. Refining Chinese discourse, exploring interactive mechanisms between Chinese discourse and related global discourse.
  3. Chinese Academy - in the framework of global human knowledge, to comprehensive and systematic review and sort out Chinese academic achievements at home and abroad over a hundred years since the Republic of China. It will be divided into three series: disciplines (social sciences, natural sciences, humanities), countries and regions (country and area studies), as well as interdisciplinary research themes (e.g. 20 topics from the China in comparative perspective).
  4. Chinese Thoughts - Each of the books is required to focus on a topic that non-Chinese social scientists or scholars haven’t covered. This is to form a contrast between Chinese and non-Chinese thinking in relevant areas
  5. Chinese Experiences - selected work from our Global China Forum will be published in this book series which stresses on the experiences of China's modernization from a comparative perspective.
  6. China Studies - This book series was published in 1980s by New World Press. It is the first such book series by Chinese scholars in English. It will be re-published jointly by New World Press and Global China Press.
  7. China Urbanization Studies - This book series will select best work on China urbanization from inside and outside China. It includes Chinese and non-Chinese perspective, empirical and policy-oriented studies, as well as macroscopic and microscopic research.
  8. Understanding China and World - understanding China and the world comprehensively from the Chinese and non Chinese perspectives, put China in the context of globalization, or to form a contract between China and world, etc.
  9. Chinese for Social Sciences - a branch of 'Chinese for Specific Purposes' (CSP), like 'Chinese for science and technology' or 'business Chinese'. It includes the following themes: intermediate level reading, advanced level reading, analysis difficult sentences either in English-Chinese translation, or in Chinese-English translation, dictionaries of dialect / loan words in English, and phrase / glossaries in social sciences, etc.   
  10. Global China Forum - This book series is collected work from each of the Global China Dialogue/Forum, organized by CCPN Global and YES (The Young Entrepreneur Society). It will be published collaboratively between Global China Press and New World Press in multilingual editions. 
  11. Chinese Overseas Ethnographic Studies - This book series is written in Chinese, edited by Gao Bingzhong, published by Peking University Press. Global China Press is organising it to be translated and published in English.   
  12. ‘Three eyes’ - Authors are Chinese either in mainland China or Overseas Chinese with three dimensions or perspectives (three of eyes), time, space and place, to examine comparatively either themselves, or China, or the countries in which they live. 

Please click the hyperlinks of each series to view related content. If you are interested in writing, translating or editing any of the book series or any one of book, please contact Global China Press directly: Thank you for your interest and participation!

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The above title is adapted from the China's development style in order for you to share our resources in a timely fashion. There is still a huge amount of work to be done. Your understanding, participation and generous support are highly appreciated!

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